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base: 7a721c647d
compare: 0.9.1
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
Hubert Hwang bug 14301: fixing dailymotion player for compiled js, adding metadata…
…, and excluding partner videos
@aduston aduston Fixed mistake in widget. For… 4be03ea
@aduston aduston Merge branch 'milestone091' of into miles…
Commits on Sep 18, 2010
@morganknutson morganknutson timestamp fixes and tables for transcripts 9c21ed1
@morganknutson morganknutson new styles 0da91ef
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
@Alerion Alerion fix migration fd8c9c6
@Alerion Alerion fix bug, 5f8aa7e
@Alerion Alerion fix setting default image storage,… 7771542
@Alerion Alerion fix message display, 1372c2a
@Alerion Alerion remove bread crumbs from video language page, http://bugzilla.pcultur… 2bebf0e
@Alerion Alerion fix template, 7711897
@Alerion Alerion fix templates, 0556509
@Alerion Alerion fix comments count on video page,… e9596cd
@Alerion Alerion fix comments form, 5a49fe5
@Alerion Alerion show activity stream by default,… 599ad8f
@Alerion Alerion fix 0035 videos app migration fc485b5
Commits on Sep 21, 2010
@aduston aduston Fixed widget unit tests 0ccf059
@Alerion Alerion add loading avatar from twitter,… 31d5102
@Alerion Alerion fix migrations b3b9d5b
@Alerion Alerion Merge branch 'milestone091' of in…
…to milestone091
@Alerion Alerion update s3 files_storage

@Alerion Alerion upgdate 0036 migration aa8bab8
@Alerion Alerion fixes d93b218
@Alerion Alerion fix migration from videos app 0036 5a35f7e
@Alerion Alerion fix migration 0035 videos app 249e11b
Hubert Hwang fixing regex typo for dailymotion (and vimeo) video urls 1a90bc2
Commits on Sep 23, 2010
@Alerion Alerion fix template, 3f71251
@Alerion Alerion fix subtitles download 991072b
@Alerion Alerion fix SubtitleLanguage model 1de4c7d
@Alerion Alerion fix select of last revision on history page, http://bugzilla.pculture… de33332
@Alerion Alerion fix template, b14fe0d
@Alerion Alerion fix templates, bd11dfd
@Alerion Alerion add limit for uploaded avatars size c2aed6d
Commits on Sep 24, 2010
@Alerion Alerion update s3 file store for saving thumbnails caf6ada
@Alerion Alerion fix edit profile form c3ba9e5
@aduston aduston Removed dependency on AmazonThumbnail. 8ca9d05
@Alerion Alerion update thumbnail saving on s3 8c0126a
Hubert Hwang bug 14411: changing minimum subtitle length to 0.5s 97cd646
Hubert Hwang fixed editable caption set test as well 24a3518
Commits on Sep 25, 2010
@morganknutson morganknutson work from monday 4d4adf2
@morganknutson morganknutson merging video.html d80a1e8
Commits on Sep 28, 2010
@Alerion Alerion fix template 310e678
@Alerion Alerion Merge branch 'milestone091' of in…
…to milestone091
@Alerion Alerion fix uplaod subtitles form 4fee10c
@Alerion Alerion add statistic page, 9667a7d
@Alerion Alerion update statistic page,… 143e0ec
@Alerion Alerion update faq page, 8e85917
@Alerion Alerion fix login page template,… d28b189
@Alerion Alerion fix template 5bc517f
@Alerion Alerion fix settings template a2a46f3
@Alerion Alerion fix Action,

@Alerion Alerion fix template 71a83b0
@Alerion Alerion fix edit profile form,… ef2a0b4
@Alerion Alerion fix edit team form bfa4eef
@Alerion Alerion fix user avatar size 12fdba6
@Alerion Alerion fix template 196ab2a
@Alerion Alerion fix migration 0bb5fc3
@morganknutson morganknutson new home page in jsdemo, add drop shadow to drop down 3ecbaa0
@morganknutson morganknutson Merge branch 'milestone091' of into miles…
Commits on Sep 29, 2010
@Alerion Alerion add videos count widget,… 7700ec2
@Alerion Alerion Merge branch 'milestone091' of in…
…to milestone091
@Alerion Alerion fix paginator, cbe78ae
@Alerion Alerion fix template b309c3f
@Alerion Alerion fix Action saving when new SubtitleVersion created, http://bugzilla.p… 2a4e015
@Alerion Alerion Add Terms of Service page,… 2d624e2