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Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Allow users to change a video original URL, for #1844, https://unisub… 646158e
@cz cz 1844: Style "Set Video Language" page and hook up temporarily
for teams that need it
Commits on Dec 17, 2012
@honza honza Langs completed before team.created are imported 6965a85
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Fixed link on change original language page d39a0d7
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Now, on changing a video original language, we always fork them, fixes e8d1cc6
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Fixed dfxp output when fraction part had only two digits, fixes N pro…
…blem with dfxp ingestion
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into staging 9ac56a5
@cz cz 1844: Account for case differences in these slugs 8a8f6aa
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into staging 665240a
@cz cz Couple of user nav fixes 8e55089
@cz cz 1850: Restore task video titles to personal dashboard 7f64642
@cz cz 1849: Make option to leave team more visible d392119
@cz cz Remove duplicate team name header if team has no logo 5427b9b
@cz cz 1849: Add a 'leave team' link to the team sidebar 4966bf6
@fernandotakai fernandotakai We don't need i18n here b85c16a
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'staging' of into staging f35ddae
@cz cz Port @nicksergeant's fix from 660813e to try to fix 1847 66d86d1
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into staging 0b53161
Commits on Dec 18, 2012
@honza honza Add better billing test 5d3faf2
@honza honza Rewrite created/imported billing logic 6e5ee83
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Fixes #1855 25db633
@cz cz 1857: Provide membership info to all teams views f8d2137
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into staging 93c5f48
@cz cz 1856: Clean up the split personal info/account forms 146e8f7
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Added test case that shows broken uploads for translated original lan…
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Trying to fix the issue Maggie raised on #1844 eea1fb7
@honza honza Fix billing logic (imported/created) 2526c32
@cz cz 1850: Use correct video title method on user dashboard 21d372b
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into staging 8be4d5b
@cz cz 1850: Fix task display on user dashboard d1d38ba
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Made sure we update the video metadata after changing original langau…
…ge, else bad things will happen
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Fixes display of language on set original language page, for i1844 7e0f0fe
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
@cz cz 1850: Use the correct method for video titles, attempt #2 4c03124
@cz cz 1859: Update enterprise/volunteer URLs; remove enterprise pages 9a8f09f
@cz cz 1859: Missed a couple of links f0074c6
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@sjl sjl 1874: Handle blank language codes in the widget RPC
In the future these blank codes will be going away, but for now there are a few
hundred SubtitleLanguage's in our DB that have a language code of "".
Traditionally this meant "the original language of the video", so we'll just
make the name "Original" for now.

Done as part of Sentry Duty:
@sjl sjl Trailing whitespace. 655e37d
@sjl sjl Fix bad whitespace. 2b13004
@sjl sjl 1875: Don't crash on notification to partners without settings
If a team belongs to a partner that doesn't have any notification settings, we
should just return instead of crashing and burning.

Done for Sentry Duty:
@cz cz 1738: Uncomment YT sync prompts for testing 00ba9fc
Commits on Dec 27, 2012
@ehazlett ehazlett updated SITE_ID for c8af598
@ehazlett ehazlett Merge branch 'production' into staging e7d757f
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo c0a3634
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 8d1484a
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into staging 88d8dfe
@cz cz 1738: Styling tweak ca27ac0
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' into i-1738 2c19068
@cz cz 1889: Don't show task limits if team doesn't use tasks 1d2d6e0
Commits on Jan 02, 2013
@cz cz 1738: Fix logic for showing/hiding YT prompt for non-users 65d3378
@cz cz 1738: Set the cookie path, duh. fe60b4a
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1898: Created test case for transcription tasks when the video's orig…
…inal language is set
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1898: If the video's audio (original) language is set, auto created t…
…ranscribe tasks will be set on that language
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@honza honza 1890: Fix unittest logic d0a9ba7
@honza honza 1980 Sync teamvideos linked to individual accounts e9eae8b
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into i-1738 8f5c23a
@cz cz 1738: Copy changes; add optimizely code 47dbe9e
Commits on Jan 08, 2013
@honza honza Log something useful when unilangs cant parse code 274d08e
@honza honza 1916: Youtube team videos don't need credits 5304500
@honza honza Revert "1916: Youtube team videos don't need credits"
This reverts commit 5304500.
@honza honza 1916: Youtube team videos dont need credits take 2 a06600f
@ehazlett ehazlett added missing pytz requirement 2a418ee
@honza honza 1916: Add credit functions should be safe
The add credit functions now determinte whether or not the credit should be
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into i-1738 aa4fd63
@honza honza 1916: Add script to remove broken YT descs. 7e9427a
@arthur-debert arthur-debert First draft of security page cfedbd4
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' of into production 9dc180d
@cz cz Second draft of security page b733e5d
@honza honza Merge branch 'production' into staging bbcaf8e
@cz cz 1738: More copy changes a0ba64f
Commits on Jan 09, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Create a VideoFeed when linking with Youtube 29d18d8
@ehazlett ehazlett i-1912: increase gauge_videos task interval to 60 seconds ac641c5
@honza honza 1916: Resync subs to remove credit 8d04027
@ehazlett ehazlett updated domain for GA tracking 107011a
@ehazlett ehazlett Merge branch 'i-1912' into staging ee7e2b8
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into staging 6c10817
@honza honza 1916: Check for both unisubs and amara domains 09ab791
@honza honza 1916: Don't die when a language has no versions cb734a0
@cz cz 1866: Restore 'send message' button to user profiles a9c885c
@honza honza 1916: Add better logging (timestamp and flush) ad9d537
@honza honza 1916: Catch more errors
* Private videos (VideoError)
* Unicode in descriptions
@cz cz 1919: Update Facebook link in footer 4209268
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' of into i-1738 ff9323f
@cz cz Merge branch 'staging' into i-1738 af231a1
@cz cz 1865: Remove view counts sitewide 4d1a472
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
@honza honza 1916: Better exception handling e9f8590
@cz cz A few domain-related tweaks 13dd9e2
@honza honza 1916: Implement cache file to keep track of videos 5fbaf69
@honza honza 1916: Allow runnning for a single team only 8615aca
@honza honza 1916: Update docstring 899925d
@honza honza 1916: If video doesnt have desc, it's not an error a5a0f06
@honza honza 1916: Wrap handle in try/finally, add sleep
Add 3s sleep after processing each video.  The try/finally is there so that
even when you Ctrl-C out of the process you still get the yt-cache file
populated with data.
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Remove VideoFeed when deleting YT account 28e7387
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 0afefec
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into staging d949402
Commits on Jan 15, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Should add credit now also takes a video 77d8b20
@honza honza 1921: When a new YT video is added, add credit 031bffb
@honza honza 1921: Use short link in YT descriptions 7a2c282
@honza honza Merge branch 'staging' into i-1921 b9bf754
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1946: Updated integration repo 55ba566
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into staging 30f08bd
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1946: Updated integration repo fb949fb
@honza honza 1921: Dont sync unmodified imported versions to YT b37ae88
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1946: Updated integration repo 8754abf
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1946: Updated integration repo 6dda036
Commits on Jan 16, 2013
@cz cz Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/i-1921' into staging 97e2845
@cz cz Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/i-1738' into staging 647e2e1
@honza honza 1921: Raise exception on too_many_recent_calls eacd2a2
@honza honza 1921: Youtube API metrics 390755e
@honza honza 1921: Add a bunch of Youtube meters 86b2d6b
@honza honza 1921: Add youtube accounts linked gauge 28db4a5
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Import all videos from YT feed cc: 285 b2c3b0b
@honza honza Add video crop utility a479941
@honza honza 1921: Skip team videos, not the other way around
Le sigh
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Only try to update YT desc once we have vurl 8fd6cfb
@honza honza 1921: Move imports to the top of the function 60da190
@honza honza Document youtube stuff 1ad6e97
@honza honza 1921: Don't die when TPA for video not found 9cf4702
@honza honza 1869: Pilot pushing should try to do credits ec717a5
@honza honza 1869: Provide defaults to getattr 4519dbe
@honza honza 1869: Fix case insensivity issue 0b79a5c
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
@cz cz Update site name conditional around nofollow tag. 10b35d3
@cz cz 1966: Restyle disabled/assigned tasks 585e4e9
@ehazlett ehazlett added optional bucket name to send_to_s3 command for overriding defau…
…lt aws s3 media bucket
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
@cz cz 1738: Disable prompts for now... deploying in beta. fbcfea9
@cz cz 1921: Mark as beta d5f92fb
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'staging' into production
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Implemented method to fetch an user's youtube profile ca4e418
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Instead of using the user's real name as the username,
use the actual username.
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Added migration that creates full_name property
on ThirdPartyAccounts
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Added migration that ports all youtube third party accounts username …
…to full_name and the real username to username.
@fernandotakai fernandotakai username -> full_name d866c72
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Added full_name field to ThirdPartyAccount 40b414a
@fernandotakai fernandotakai We need to error when an user try to link more the same account to an…
…other user, but not when there are teams involved.
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Don't break if there's more than one feed for the same url. afb874c
@honza honza Catch VideoTypeErrors when updating YT descs cec2d10
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Fixed UnicodeDecodeError while testing the description
for videos.
@fernandotakai fernandotakai If there's any error while trying to find a video,
we don't blow up
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
@fernandotakai fernandotakai old_description can be None 4227c00
@fernandotakai fernandotakai 1999: Fixing Maggie's last concerns
* added search_fields and full_name to TPA admin
* changed username to full_name when removing
a TPA from profile
@cz cz 1738: Some copy tweaks from NPR b2db55a
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'x-youtube-username-fix' into production
@fernandotakai fernandotakai We need to wrap the migration so south doesn't
@honza honza Only grab token if json attr exists 4e2c81c
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Catching exceptions when running migrations f5fd6bc
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' of into production 536118a
@fernandotakai fernandotakai I hate the whole python encoding bullshit 8b8f7fc
@fernandotakai fernandotakai I hate this whole python encoding bullshit.
You gotta be kidding that print is failing.
@honza honza Don't bother saving a subtitle if it's not synced 13f5778
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Instead of using openSearch, let's use link href
next (it's safer and cleaner).
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' into x-youtube-username-fix fdca3b1
@fernandotakai fernandotakai If we can't find a youtube -> unisubs language, don't blow up. 625a216
@fernandotakai fernandotakai If the video is private or something else happens
while trying to get the video from youtube,
don't blow up.
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Fix unicode error while logging. fd03f2f
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1899: Made youtube imports be configurable to run sync since the T im…
…port will require that
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Renamed parameter to make intention clearer, make sure fetch subs asy…
…nc is only used if the video type supports it
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Fixed imprtable flag on YT type 575b3f2
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1899: Make sure we always have a description, even if blank 079584b
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Merge branch 'production' into i-1899-from-production 55c32a4
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1899: Updated integration repo 4622ac0
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Implemented a resolve_ownership method on TPA
This method receives a VideoUrl and tries to find
the TPA account related to that VideoUrl.

We need this because we have a ton of video urls
pointing to youtube full names (instead of the
unique usernames) and since full names are not
unique, there could be two TPAs and that can
make the code blow up.
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' into x-youtube-username-fix bcf5a83
Commits on Feb 01, 2013
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Fixed error handling on missing yt languages, fixes… ffe4235
@fernandotakai fernandotakai ThirdPartyAccountManager should be self. 12f33d4
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' of into production 427f43f
@arthur-debert arthur-debert 1899: Updated integration repo 182ff2d
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Test if the user matches full name or username
(because of youtube username shenanigans)
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Added a test for mirror_on_third_party 83d3948
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'x-youtube-username-fix' into production d794c93
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' of into production a581e7d
@honza honza Display who a TPA is linked to in admin 181ce2d
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Don't make any change to description if it's a
team account
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' of into production fb74732
@honza honza Fix hanging TPA admin view 4ac8628
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Made the TPA admin form users/teams field readonly
and changed the description
Commits on Feb 04, 2013
@honza honza 1921: Fix off by one error when fetching from YT
The newest video wouldn't get pulled in on calling update().
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Don't blow if there's no links key 1384256
@fernandotakai fernandotakai Merge branch 'production' of into production 718fa20
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 1fff926
@cz cz 1963: Bunch of small copy and CSS changes 3a780ee
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' of into production c5a7e05
@honza honza Merge branch 'production' into i-1890
@honza honza 1890: Fix check_authorization logic f1a5334
Commits on Feb 05, 2013
@honza honza 1890: Fix unittests (yt imported versions) 16caaf4
@ehazlett ehazlett 2016: updated media compilation to raise exceptions on error (this co…
…mmit contains a bug to test the full run)
@cz cz 1969: Add title attr for abbreviated video title links 5cb12cf
@ehazlett ehazlett 2016: updated media compilation 081ff38
@ehazlett ehazlett Merge branch 'i-2016' into production acde7a4
@cz cz 1738: Restore nudges for YT Sync launch 3425bd7
@honza honza 1890: Fix more tests bb33cf4
@honza honza 2023: Sync to youtube when new version isn't made 0c0e73a
Commits on Feb 06, 2013
@cz cz 1738: Relegate YT channel creation in the sync modal 87d7150
Commits on Feb 08, 2013
@honza honza 2032: Log api INFO to sentry 431464e
@honza honza Update integration repo 69a9afc
@ehazlett ehazlett 2041: add sentry logging for youtube f5fe521
@ehazlett ehazlett 2041: log all args and kwargs for TooManyRecentCallsException fd24b34
@ehazlett ehazlett Merge branch 'i-2041' into production 4267b10
@ehazlett ehazlett 2041: changed sentry logging level to INFO fd06519
@ehazlett ehazlett Merge branch 'i-2041' into production d050008
@honza honza Update integration repo 461a51d
Commits on Feb 11, 2013
@honza honza Youtube: Log more stuff from RequestError b200899
@honza honza Youtube: Send exception data as extra 85e09ef
@honza honza Monkeypatch atom.http_core.HttpClient
Please don't hate me. :(

This is for debugging only and once we collect our data, we will remove this
stuff.  The only thing that's different in this class is the fact that it logs
some request information to sentry.
@honza honza Youtube: expand Uri object when logging 3069f2d
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@cz cz Resolve merge conflicts betw prod and i-1866 076f3d3
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' into i-1866 7bc64e7
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 956d552
@honza honza 1284: Rename gauge function edd1893
@honza honza Merge branch 'production' into i-1890 b213baf
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' of into i-1865 8365050
@cz cz 1865: Remove view counts from subtitle view 4dfaea0
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' of into i-1889 6f79187
@fernandotakai fernandotakai 1925: Fixes issue(cherry picked from commit 607c782) 924208a
@fernandotakai fernandotakai 1925: Hacks to fix dashboard/assigning tasks issue. Sorry
Since our assigning task is already a hack,
we need another so when the user already has
max number of tasks for a team, we don't have error
when the user tries to resume a task.(cherry picked from commit aa55290)
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo d326219
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 621c0b3
@arthur-debert arthur-debert Updated integration repo 0ee274b
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
@cz cz 1963: Another round of homepage changes from NPR 58dd1b7
@cz cz 1963: Fix partner buttons in IE9 b870239
@cz cz Merge branch 'i-1969' into production b570a14
@cz cz Merge branch 'i-1889' into production 071680f
@cz cz 1866: Code style tweak via @sjl 2850726
@cz cz Merge branch 'i-1866' into production bb63750
@cz cz Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/i-2023' into production 416b651
@honza honza Merge branch 'production' into i-1890 6dd5129
Commits on Feb 16, 2013
@cz cz 1865: Resolve merge conflict with production 670ff88
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' into i-1865 6aa1bac
@cz cz Merge pull request #96 from pculture/i-1865
Commits on Feb 18, 2013
@cz cz Merge branch 'production' into i-1966 1ebc77b
@cz cz 1966: Style tweak to better offset assigned/disabled tasks c764dca
Commits on Feb 19, 2013
@cz cz Merge pull request #99 from pculture/i-1966
@honza honza Add query param to remove yt desc script 5931f50
Commits on Feb 20, 2013
@honza honza Fix a string formatting bug 0a2f25d
@honza honza Account for shortlinks in clean up script 0eae695
@honza honza 1890: Sync to youtube when teamvideo is deleted 57f284a
@cz cz 2074: Update domain references in teams copy 0bfe89a
Commits on Feb 21, 2013
@honza honza More youtube clean up script fixes fde3096
Commits on Feb 22, 2013
@nicksergeant nicksergeant Fix hidden Subtitle Me button on subtitle view. 567b0ff
@honza honza