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To run the development version:

1. Install virtualenv
2. (optional) download and download the virtualenv wrapper bash
3. create a virtual environment and activate it
4. run:
   $ easy_install -U setuptools
   $ easy_install pip
   $ cd deploy
   $ pip install -r requirements.txt
       note: you'll need mercurial installed to make this last command work.
5. Check out google closure into directory of your choice: svn checkout <directory>. Then 
   symlink media/js/closure-library to the checkout location.
6. Add to your hosts file, pointing at 
   This is necessary for Twitter oauth to work correctly.
7. Use the dev-settings file when running First run syncdb with 
   --settings=dev-settings, then run migrate with --settings=dev-settings. 
   Use ./ to run the development server with development 
   settings. You can access the site at
8. (optional) If you want to run video searches locally, you need to set up solr:
   A. Download solr and unzip to ../buildout/parts/solr (relative to this directory).
   B. Run ./ run_solr in one terminal that is dedicated to running the solr process.
   C. run ./ rebuild_index to update the index.
   D. That should be it but, in case you're interested, there's a 
      list of haystack commands at
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