JavaScript deminifier addon for Firefox 4
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This is a simple JavaScript deminifier add-on for Firefox 4, untested in Firefox 3.6. To use it, view the source of any page (Cmd+U) and click the Deminify button, which can be found either at the top right of the displayed source or next to a script tag.

For an installable add-on package, click Downloads in the top right corner of this page and download the .xpi file. Save it to disk and drag it into the Firefox window to install. You don't need to restart the browser, thanks to the magic of Jetpack.

Thanks to:

  • UglifyJS 1. The license for UglifyJS can be found in the COPYING file.
  • for the icons next-icon-black.png and next-icon-white.png. These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.
  • ubuwaits for the CSS3 buttons 2. The license for the buttons can be found in the COPYING file.