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FeMPEG is a simple MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (MP2) decoder written in the Rust programming language. It's designed to be a demo of the soft real-time capabilities and safety features of Rust.

FeMPEG performs no allocations (except in format strings in case of errors). All data is stored in constant memory or on the stack. This can be verified by the lack of ~ and @ sigils (signifying allocation) in the codebase. Because of this, the decoding will be uninterrupted by malloc and GC latency. Additionally, FeMPEG is safe; it does not use the unsafe sublanguage of Rust (which can be verified with the lack of the unsafe keyword), so the code should be immune to buffer overruns, out-of-bounds array accesses, and other such problems. Like all safe Rust code, FeMPEG is thread-safe, in that it does not use shared-memory data structures.

FeMPEG itself does not use the Rust garbage collector, but if it's embedded within a program that does and is not spawned into a separate task, then it could incur GC pauses. However, if FeMPEG is spawned into a separate task and scheduler, then the GC will not affect its real-time performance. The Rust GC is per-task and does not "stop the world".


You'll need rust-ao and a bleeding-edge master version of the Rust compiler. (At the time of this writing there are also some fixes on the incoming branch which you will need, but these should be merged to master soon.) Compile with:

rustc -O -L ../path/to/rust-ao -o fempeg


Pretty simple. Just run:

./fempeg /path/to/file.mp2