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Hybrid optimal control code using occupation measures
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MATLAB code for solving hybrid optimal control problems using occupation measures. See for more details.

Requires SPOTless (found at and MOSEK (found at

To run the examples, run the run_*.m file.

To perform control synthesis, replace the spotsosprog.m file (located at spotless/spotopt/@spotsosprog) with the one provided (hybridOCP/src/tools/spotsosprog_changes.m). Or, make the following chages in the spotsosprog.m file by hand:

  • Line 413: old: sol = minimize(pr,varargin) new: [sol, y, basis, dual_multiplier] = minimize(pr,varargin)
  • save all of the eqMultFac values in an array (look at lines 449, 454, 464, 471, 478 in the included spotsosprog_changes.m)
  • Lines 84-92: buildSOSDecompPrimal function comment out lines 84-92
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