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Yet another static blog rendering engine written in Ruby

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It seems like sooner or later you have to write a README. So here's the one for Iguana.


Right now Iguana is a pile of random looking (but already quite well working!) code. Some day in the future it will become a static blog rendering engine to slay all other engines. Or something like that.


Make sure to edit the config.yaml such that the settings fit your setup.

Creating a new article

To create a new article type ruby iguana.rb new article $FILENAME

Iguana will generate an empty article template named YYYY_MM_DD_$FILENAME.markdown in the "articles" folder. After the META_END tag in that file is where you want to write your article in Markdown syntax. Before the META_END tag is the metadata for the article; by now that's just the title and a list of tags, formatted with YAML.


To render the whole blog including the RSS-Feed, type ruby iguana.rb render all The rendered files can now be found in the "html" directory.

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