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#ifndef __x_preset_h_
#define __x_preset_h_
Global preset system by Ivica Ico Bukvic <> July, 2012
#include "s_stuff.h"
// each node in the patch
typedef struct _preset_node
t_object pn_obj;
t_alist pn_val; // last known value (null if not initialized)
t_symbol *pn_hub_name; // hub name this node is associated with
t_preset_hub *pn_hub; // pointer to the hub (null if none, equiv. to active/disabled)
t_canvas *pn_canvas;
int *pn_gl_loc;
int pn_gl_loc_length;
// we use this to compare with the old position,
// so that hub can be notified of node's new position
int *pn_old_gl_loc;
int pn_old_gl_loc_length;
t_outlet *pn_outlet;
} t_preset_node;
// stores each of the presets per each preset_node
typedef struct _node_preset
int np_preset;
t_alist np_val;
struct _node_preset *np_next;
} t_node_preset;
// stores each of the nodes within a hub
typedef struct _preset_hub_data
t_preset_node *phd_node; // if the node is erased, this will be NULL (inactive)
int *phd_pn_gl_loc; // last known location of the node (according to the hub)
int phd_pn_gl_loc_length; // location array's length (see x_preset.c for explanation)
struct _preset_hub_data *phd_next;
t_node_preset *phd_npreset;
} t_preset_hub_data;
// preset hub (nexus for data saving/recalling)
struct _preset_hub
t_object ph_obj;
t_symbol *ph_name;
int ph_invis; // make it invisible (only for the k12 mode)
int ph_preset; // last enabled preset (-1 at init time)
t_canvas *ph_canvas;
struct _preset_hub *ph_next; // next hub on the same canvas
t_preset_hub_data *ph_data; // pointer to data (single-linked list)
t_outlet *ph_outlet;
typedef struct _glob_preset_hub_list
t_preset_hub *gphl_hub;
struct _glob_preset_hub_list *gphl_next;
} t_glob_preset_hub_list;
typedef struct _glob_preset_node_list
t_preset_node *gpnl_node;
int gpnl_paired; // whether the node is paired with a hub (otherwise don't bother updating its location)
struct _glob_preset_node_list *gpnl_next;
} t_glob_preset_node_list;
#ifndef t_preset_hub
#define t_preset_hub struct _preset_hub
EXTERN int we_are_undoing;
#endif /* __x_preset_h_ */
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