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#ifndef __g_magicglass_h_
#define __g_magicglass_h_
typedef struct _magicGlass
t_object x_obj;
t_object *x_connectedObj;
int x_connectedOutno;
int x_visible;
char x_string[4096];
char x_old_string[4096];
int x_x;
int x_y;
t_glist *x_c;
float x_sigF;
int x_dspOn;
int x_viewOn;
float x_minSample;
float x_maxSample;
int x_sampleCount;
t_clock *x_clearClock;
t_clock *x_flashClock;
unsigned int x_maxSize;
unsigned int x_issignal;
int x_display_font;
} t_magicGlass;
EXTERN void magicGlass_bind(t_magicGlass *x, t_object *obj, int outno);
EXTERN void magicGlass_unbind(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_bang(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_float(t_magicGlass *x, t_float f);
EXTERN void magicGlass_symbol(t_magicGlass *x, t_symbol *sym);
EXTERN void magicGlass_anything(t_magicGlass *x, t_symbol *sym, int argc, t_atom *argv);
EXTERN void magicGlass_list(t_magicGlass *x, t_symbol *sym, int argc, t_atom *argv);
EXTERN void magicGlass_setCanvas(t_magicGlass *x, t_glist *c);
EXTERN void magicGlass_show(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_hide(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_moveText(t_magicGlass *x, int pX, int pY);
EXTERN int magicGlass_bound(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN int magicGlass_isOn(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_setOn(t_magicGlass *x, int i);
EXTERN void magicGlass_setDsp(t_magicGlass *x, int i);
EXTERN void *magicGlass_new(t_glist *c);
EXTERN void magicGlass_free(t_magicGlass *x);
EXTERN void magicGlass_setup(void);
#endif /* __g_magicglass_h_ */
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