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pdtk_post "==========================asdfasdfasdfasfd=========="
package provide pdwindow_trainingwheels 0.1
package require pdwindow 0.1
namespace eval ::pdwindow_trainingwheels:: {
variable printout_buffer ""
variable pdwindow_search_index
variable history_position 0
variable linecolor 0 ;# is toggled to alternate text line colors
variable maxverbosity 5
variable defaultverbosity 4
variable lasttag "line0"
namespace export create_window
namespace export pdtk_pd_dsp
#--busy cursor support---------------------------------------------------------#
# grab focus on part of the Pd window when Pd is busy
rename ::pdwindow::busygrab {}
proc ::pdwindow::busygrab {} {
# set the mouse cursor to look busy and grab focus so it stays that way
.pdwindow.text configure -cursor watch
grab set .pdwindow.text
# release focus on part of the Pd window when Pd is finished
rename ::pdwindow::busyrelease {}
proc ::pdwindow::busyrelease {} {
.pdwindow.text configure -cursor xterm
grab release .pdwindow.text
#--bindings specific to the Pd window------------------------------------------#
proc ::pdwindow_trainingwheels::pdwindow_bindings {} {
# these bindings are for the whole Pd window, minus the Tcl entry
foreach window {.pdwindow.text .pdwindow.header} {
bind $window <$::modifier-Key-x> "tk_textCut .pdwindow.text"
bind $window <$::modifier-Key-c> "tk_textCopy .pdwindow.text"
bind $window <$::modifier-Key-v> "tk_textPaste .pdwindow.text"
# Select All doesn't seem to work unless its applied to the whole window
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Key-a> ".pdwindow.text tag add sel 1.0 end"
# the "; break" part stops executing another binds, like from the Text class
bind .pdwindow.text <Key-Tab> "focus .pdwindow.tcl.entry; break"
# these don't do anything in the Pd window, so alert the user, then break
# so no more bindings run
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Key-s> "bell; break"
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Shift-Key-S> "bell; break"
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Key-p> "bell; break"
# ways of hiding/closing the Pd window
if {$::windowingsystem eq "aqua"} {
# on Mac OS X, you can close the Pd window, since the menubar is there
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Key-w> "wm withdraw .pdwindow"
wm protocol .pdwindow WM_DELETE_WINDOW "wm withdraw .pdwindow"
} else {
# TODO should it possible to close the Pd window and keep Pd open?
bind .pdwindow <$::modifier-Key-w> "wm iconify .pdwindow"
wm protocol .pdwindow WM_DELETE_WINDOW "pdsend \"pd verifyquit\""
#--create the window-----------------------------------------------------------#
proc ::pdwindow_trainingwheels::create_window {} {
set ::loaded(.pdwindow) 0
# colorize by class before creating anything
option add *PdWindow*Entry.highlightBackground "grey" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Frame.background "grey" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Label.background "grey" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Checkbutton.background "grey" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Menubutton.background "grey" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Text.background "white" startupFile
option add *PdWindow*Entry.background "white" startupFile
toplevel .pdwindow -class PdWindow
wm title .pdwindow [_ "Pd window"]
set ::windowname(.pdwindow) [_ "Pd window"]
if {$::windowingsystem eq "x11"} {
wm minsize .pdwindow 400 75
} else {
wm minsize .pdwindow 400 51
wm geometry .pdwindow =500x400+20+50
.pdwindow configure -menu .menubar
frame .pdwindow.header -borderwidth 1 -relief flat -background lightgray
pack .pdwindow.header -side top -fill x
label .pdwindow.header.label -background lightgray -justify right \
-text [_ "The DSP needs to be on in order to hear sound:"]
pack .pdwindow.header.label -side left -expand 1 -fill x -anchor e
checkbutton .pdwindow.header.dsp -text [_ "DSP"] -variable ::dsp \
-font {$::font_family 18 bold} -takefocus 1 -background lightgray \
-borderwidth 0 -command {pdsend "pd dsp $::dsp"}
pack .pdwindow.header.dsp -side right -fill y -anchor e -padx 15 -pady 0
# TODO this should use the pd_font_$size created in pd-gui.tcl
text .pdwindow.text -relief raised -bd 2 -font {-size 10} \
-highlightthickness 0 -borderwidth 1 -relief flat \
-yscrollcommand ".pdwindow.scroll set" -width 60 \
-undo true -autoseparators true -maxundo -1 -takefocus 0
scrollbar .pdwindow.scroll -command ".pdwindow.text yview"
pack .pdwindow.scroll -side right -fill y
pack .pdwindow.text -side right -fill both -expand 1
raise .pdwindow
focus .pdwindow.text
set ::loaded(.pdwindow) 1
# wait until .pdwindow.tcl.entry is visible before opening files so that
# the loading logic can grab it and put up the busy cursor
tkwait visibility .pdwindow.text
destroy .pdwindow
set ::loaded(.pdwindow) 0