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XML Validation in the Atom Editor
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atom-xmlvalidate package

Validate XML documents against their XSD schemas

Table of contents


Note: This package depends libxml which is a native library built using node-gyp. It's requirements are:

In short:

  • node, npm and Python 2 (>=2.7.0)
  • Some OS specific requirements:
    • MacOs: XCode
    • Windows: I got it working by first installing Windows SDK, Visual Studio 2013 Express; although the link above should have 'official'

To Install:

$ apm install atom-xmlvalidate

Or you can install through the Settings view by searching for 'XML Validate'.


  • atom-xmlvalidate looks for a schema referenced in either the top level schemaLocation or noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute. Currently it only supports validating against a single schema, so when using the schemaLocation attribute there must be only one schema supplied in [namespace] [location] format


    <Pets noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
      <Dog />
      <Cat />
    <mynamespace:Pets xmlns:mynamespace="" schemaLocation="">
      <Doc />
      <Cat />
  • Open the XML validation results panel by going to Packages -> XML Validate -> Toggle. Documents will automatically validate when they are saved.

  • Force validation using the Validate XML context-menu item.

  • Go to the Settings view for this package and set the Auto Open option which will cause the results panel to open automatically when an XML file is opened or saved.


  • Test installation and usage on *nix platforms
  • Rewrite using a non-native XML validation library (which from what I can tell doesn't exist yet)
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