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Freer test naming
test $thing->method should do something {

should simply add a test called 'thing_method_should_do_something' to the test class.


foreach my $method (qw/subject body/) {
  test "responds to $method" {
    ok $self->{instance}->$method();

should generate a couple of tests in the obvious way. Variables should be interpolated in double quoted strings, not otherwise.

Policy stuff
use Test::Class::Sugar (
  -default_prefix => 'MyTest::Suite::',
  -test_instance  => '$self',

testclass exercises SomeClass {
  test policy changes {
    ok $self->isa('MyTest::Suite::SomeClass');
Anonymous tests

Sometimes assertion comments are enough:

test {
  ok 1, "I prefer to name my tests like this";
Better diagnostics

Right now, when things fail, they fail spectacularly. Okay if you don't fuck up, not so okay otherwise. Make the parser fail gracefully.

Preserve the correct linenumber

No idea how to do this yet...