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Add Devel::Declare sugar to Test::Class

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Test::Class::Sugar is a declarative wrapper around Adrian Howard’s
Test::Class xUnit style Perl
testing library.

The idea is that, instead of writing:

package Test::Something;
use base qw/Test::Class/;

use Test::Most;

sub subject {

sub test_something : Test(3) {
  my $test = shift;
  is $test->current_method, 'test_something';
  is $test->subject, 'Something';
  isa_ok $test, 'Test::Something';

You will be able to write:

use Test::Class::Sugar;

testclass exercises Something {
  test something >> 3 {
    is $test->current_method, 'test_something';
    is $test->subject, 'Something';
    isa_ok $test, 'Test::Something';


There will be a proper list of library prerequisites in Makefile.PL by the
time this gets properly released, but at the time of writing there are a
couple of requirements that can’t be fulfilled from CPAN.

You’ll need a bleeding edge
Devel::Declare from Github

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