Deploy a plugin managed in Git to the plugin repository.
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Edit these lines:

# User config
PLUGINSLUG="example-plugin"   # Slug on (from the plugin URL)
MAINFILE="example-plugin.php" # Name of main php file in the WordPress plugin
SVNUSER="username"            # SVN username on


  • Place at the top of your plugin's Git directory.
  • Make it executable with chmod 755
  • Run ./ to deploy master to

Ignoring Files

If you have files in your Git repository that you would not like to commit to the WordPress repo, find and edit these lines:

# Add any large source files or other things to ignore here
echo "Ignoring github specific files and deployment script"
svn propset svn:ignore "
.gitignore" "$SVNPATH/trunk/"


Original version: Dean Clatworthy's deploy script.

Forked by thenbrent, which removed the requirement for a local SVN repo.

Forked by pdclark to allow trunk as stable tag, move config to one place, and share with others.