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Glossary of keywords for KS1 and KS2 Computing Curriculum

These images are designed to be used as classroom posters for the UK 2014 Computing Curriculum.

Every effort has been made to try to use or create copyright free images but if you believe a copyrighted image has been used by mistake please contact the author.

You are free to adapt, share and reproduce these images. If they're useful to you that's great but please don't sell them or claim credit for them - they're designed to be freely available for teachers & students.

For more information see the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license


You can download all of the posters here: https://github.com/pddring/computing-keywords/archive/master.zip Or you can browse for individual posters here: https://github.com/pddring/computing-keywords/tree/master/medium-quality


Algorithm Debug Input Process Output Program Sequence Selection Repetition Variable


If you're interested in translating these posters into another language you may need the following fonts:

Please note that whilst these fonts are freely available for personal / non-commercial use, they are covered by separate license agreements to the Creative Commons license which lets you use and share this set of keyword posters.