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Welcome to the euroscipy, currently euroscipy 2013 wiki !

Tutorial requirements

Important All participants are required to come with their own computer and have necessary packages installed.

Since the bandwidth during the conference will be limited, please make sure to have packages installed before the conference. We will have available some USB keys with the needed files for all those who have forgotten. The USB keys will also contain Virtual machines for the ones who prefer (that will also be downloadable).

Content of these USB keys :

  1. Anaconda and the other packages for windows, macosx, GNU/linux
  2. virtualbox binaries for windows, macosx, GNU/linux and a VM with all the needed packages installed.

One (1) hour before the start of the first beginner tutorial, participants are invited to gather in the H.1301 room to help people who didn't get their environment setup.

Lecturers of the advanced tutorials will be invited to help out during each others tutorials.

Beginner track

For most users, especially on Windows and Mac, the easiest way to install the packages of the Scipy stack is to download ONE (and only one) of these Python distributions, which includes all the key packages:

  • Anaconda: A free distribution for the Scipy stack. Supports Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Enthought Canopy: The free and commercial versions include the core Scipy stack packages. Supports Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Python(x,y): A free distribution including the Scipy stack, based around the Spyder IDE. Windows only.
  • WinPython: A free distribution including the Scipy stack. Windows only.

Advanced track

Here are the relevant links for each of the tutorial:

  1. Image processing with scikit-image - Emmanuelle Gouillart

  2. Modern OpenGL - Almar Klein

  3. Interactive visualization with Chaco - Didrik Pinte

  4. Basemap & Cartopy - Thomas Lecocq

  5. Advanced Tutorial on Sage - Paul Zimmermann

    Participants should have Sage (version 5.9 or later) installed and running on their laptop, such that the command



    e^pi + 1

  6. Git and github - Nelle Varoquaux

  7. IPython - Matthias BUSSONNIER, Min RK

  8. 3D visualization with Mayavi - Gael Varoquaux

Please do this before coming to the conference. The network bandwith is limited. To alleviate this problem, we will also provide the needed files on USB key for the people who have forgotten, but they will have to offer Belgian beers to their helpers ;-)

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