Basic quaternion operations
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Author: Pierre de Buyl
License: 3-clause BSD

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fortran_quaternion is a Fortran module that provides some basic quaternion functions.

fortran_quaternion does not define any derived type, instead quaternions are provided as 4-element vectors storing the vector part first and the scalar part last.

  • qnew: return a quaternion from the scalar and vector input.
  • qvector: return the vector part of a quaternion.
  • qscalar: return the scalar part of a quaternion.
  • qnorm: return the norm.
  • qnormalize: return the normalized quaternion.
  • qconj: return the conjugate.
  • qinv: return the inverse.
  • qmul: return the product of two quaternions.

Example programs

Multiplication of two quaternions

program quaternion_usage
  use quaternion
  implicit none

  double precision :: q1(4), q2(4)

  q1 = qnew(v=[1.d0, 2.d0, 3.d0], s=4.d0)
  q2 = qnew(v=[6.d0, 7.d0, 8.d0], s=5.d0)

  write(*,'(4f5.2,a,4f5.2)') q1, ' x ', q2
  write(*,'(a,4f7.2)') '= ', qmul(q1, q2)

end program quaternion_usage

Rotation of a 3d vector about a given axis

program quaternion_rotation
  use quaternion
  implicit none

  double precision :: q(4), v(3)
  double precision :: axis(3), theta

  axis = [ 1, 1, 0 ]
  theta = 2*atan(1.d0) ! pi/2

  q = qnew(s=cos(theta/2), v=sin(theta/2)*axis/norm2(axis))

  v = [0, 0, 1]

  write(*,'(a,3f7.2)') 'v = ', v
  ! Rotate qv by q
  v = qvector(qmul(q, qmul(qnew(v=v), qconj(q))))
  write(*,'(a,3f7.2)') 'rotated v = ', v

end program quaternion_rotation


Copy the file src/quaternion.f90 or use cmake (with the add_subdirectory command) to add the library to your project.


Tests are defined in test/ and rely on fortran_tester, installed via git submodules:

git submodule init
git submodule update