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== 0.3.0 [01-21-12]
* Big release with a lot of breaking changes
- New plugin architecture: Instead of including plugins in hooks, plugins define their own hook methods like `before_build`.
Plugins are then activated/included by creating an array of ordered plugins in the config.json
- New HAML plugin [ Eric Wollesen ]
- Write json-files as json into the document [ Niko Uphoff ]
- Allow https in env db_url [Alexis Hildebrandt]
- Optionally configure sass and css directories in compass plugin [ Neal Clark ]
- Macro should play nice with built-in reduce functions [ Gabor Ratky ]
- added a new flag to config.js called {"not_design": true} to allow non-design documents to be autopushed. [Kevin Malakoff]
- Read files in using binread rather than read. Otherwise binary attachments such as images get totally screwed. [Pete Bacon Darwin]
== 0.2.0 [03-02-11]
- Allow rewrite rules to be pushed with rewrites.js
- Upgrade to jim 0.3.1 and the new Jimfile format
- Added CoffeScript plugin and tools (rmetzler and andrzejsliwa)
- Added python CouchApp style macros (!json, !code, etc) in the macro plugin (narkisr)
- Added proper mapping for `index.html` in `config.js` for the `test/testapp` (karmi)
- Fix for Thor swallowing --debug option (candlerb)
- Show path matching in debug output (candlerb)
- Make mapped_directories an array, for processing in order on ruby 1.8 (candlerb)
- Upgraded to Sammy 0.6.3
== 0.1.2 [10-26-10]
- Added mustache plugin for interpolating env and config data into static HTML
before push
- soca purge deletes the design doc
- Upgraded sammy to 0.6.2
== 0.1.1 [10-04-10]
- Fixed compass url (poswald)
- Fix json error in couchapprc (FrancisVarga)
- Fix dependencies in gemspec (rubbish)
== 0.1.0 [09-26-10]
- Initial Release