RRD API for Clojure based on RRD4J



RRD API for Clojure using RRD4J.


To include rrd4clj in your Leiningen project, add the following dependency to your project.clj:

[org.clojars.pdelong/rrd4clj "1.0.2"]

Warning: the above is an old version of the code. Ownership of this repository has recently changed hands to me, and I need to make time to push the latest version of the code to clojars. Apologies for the delays - I'll get to it as free-time permits.



Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Mitsutoshi Aoe and released under New BSD Lisence. Copyright (c) 2016 Paul DeLong and released under New BSD Lisence.


  • update access to my clojars account, and upload the latest release

  • migrate away from clojure-contrib, since it's deprecated

    • mostly done, but still using import-static
  • figure-out what's wrong with "with-rrd"

  • clean-up the use/require statements

  • write more unit tests

  • figure-out how to generate the API reference (using either Autodoc, or some equivalent tool), and put it on a github-pages site