Fully-Qualified Classname in Summary XML #88

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PHP_Depend_Log_Summary_Xml::visitClass() writes the value returned by PHP_Depend_Code_Class::getClass() (which ultimately is PHP_Depend_Code_AbstractItem::getName()) to the Summary XML report for class names. These class names are not fully-qualified.

I would like to have an additional XML attribute fullyQualifiedName that includes the namespace name if the class is declared within a namespace. The package name, as returned by PHP_Depend_Code_Class::getPackage(), does NOT work for me here since it may contain package information provided by @package.


Sounds easy to implement and error save. I will put it on the roadmap for PHP_Depend 1.0.6

@manuelpichler manuelpichler was assigned Apr 6, 2012
@manuelpichler manuelpichler added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 11, 2017
@manuelpichler manuelpichler Refs #88, Refs #141: full-qualified-class attribute …
… added to summary report.
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