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a mini interactive javascript console, built on backbone.js, perfect for js library/plugin demos and homepages
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JavaScript Sandbox Console

js sandbox console screenshot

The js sandbox console is a javascript playground designed to enhance demos and homepages for javascript libraries, plugins and scripts, giving visitors an easy and chilled-out way to test-drive the functionality - without whacking open their Firebug / Dev Tools console.

Live demo and such:

Check out the project homepage for a live demo, features, installation guide and more info!

by joss



  • Adds setValue method, to set the value inside the sandbox


  • Adds an iframe setting on the Sandbox Model that, when active, creates a hidden iframe and evaluates all commands inside its 'sandboxed' scope - this blocks access to globals and prevents users screwing up the DOM.
  • Adds a script loader method, sandbox.model.load, that injects a script into the page (or the iframe), making it available for the user.
  • Adds a special command, :load, available from the sandbox command line, that load's a script into the global context (most useful in iframe mode. Usage eg: :load


  • Added very basic stringification for objects. If JSON.stringify(obj) works, it prints the result, otherwise it's obj.toString() like a loser. Soon try to integrate a custom solution like in, that includes circular structures, native/browser objects, and object methods.


  • Mirrored gh-pages and master, much easier than trying to maintain both separately.


  • Added view.toEscaped method to escape HTML strings so that they can be safely templated into the output


  • First release
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