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Add Report: Record audio. Allow multiple recordings. Allow removing existing recordings #16

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We would like the user to have the possibility of recording audio for each report, in the same way they can take images, and provide similar functionality, that is:

  • User can record audio clips of a given length, up to a maximum time, as set in "Audio Options"
  • User can stop (close) the recording, or pause/continue. The recording is closed when the user press "Stop", or when the maximum time has been reached
  • User can record more than one clip, up to a maximum number, as set in "Audio Options"
  • User can delete recordings by long-pressing on them (as implemented with the images)
  • The unit will beep and vibrate when the recording is stopped (either by user control or because the maximum time has been reached)
  • Recordings will be listed under the images, identified with a sequential number.
  • Recordings will be sent with the report, as it is done with images (this will require a change in the server API to process the incoming requests, that issue #52). There is no need to keep them in the device after they are successfully received by the server

The Add Report form will have one more button named "Add Audio Recording". New recordings will show under this button (as it is with images)

Recording format:
Sampling rate: 8000Hz
Sampling format: 8bit
The recording format will be . Probably 3GPP better as low-quality, small size (~1KB/sec)
The internal file names will be YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_DeviceID

Please see the Settings menu tree for details on the new setup options

Reference apps:
Wave Recorder

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