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Craftsman Scaffolds Your Boilerplate!

Craftsman is the workhorse behind the Wrapt framework and provides a suite of CLI commands for quickly scaffolding out new files and projects for your .NET Web APIs with simple CLI commands and configuration files.

Latest Release License


  • Make sure you have the .NET 7 SDK installed, along with EF Core
  • Install the craftsman tool
dotnet tool install -g craftsman
  • Spin up an example project
craftsman new example MyFirstProject


For all the documentation on how to use Craftsman, visit

Upcoming Features

I'm currently working through a deep example project the really dogfood things and will be making updates around my finding from there. I also want to harden up the frontend work with NextJS soon as well and get that more widely available. If any React devs want to help with this definitely let me know!

Have a request for something you don't see below? Join our discord and let's talk about it!

Coming in 0.20

  • TBD

Some 0.19 highlights

βœ… Test projects updated to use XUnit

βœ… .NET 7

βœ… Integration tests have better service collection scoping and now have a service collection per test. This makes service mocking possible without clashing with other tests

βœ… Options Pattern Configuration

Some 0.18 highlights

βœ… Environment Service

βœ… Built in Migrations

βœ… Various testing and other improvements

Some 0.17 highlights

βœ… Users and Roles managed in each boundary (AuthN still separate)

βœ… New Email Value Object

βœ… Functional Tests use Docker DB and has other cleanup items

βœ… NextJS template (still a WIP and not documented, but you can find the sandbox for things here and poke through the Craftsman code if you'd like. Can answer questions in out Discord as well.)

Some v0.16 highlights

βœ… Testing Optimizations

βœ… Common Value Object Scaffolding

βœ… Auth Server rewrite with Keycloak

βœ… Move permission guards to feature

βœ… Migrate Automapper to Mapster

Some v0.15 highlights

βœ… Updated CLI command structure

βœ… OpenTelemetry & Jaeger Tracing

βœ… Built in Domain Event support (with unit test scaffolding)

βœ… Moved to Program.cs only format

βœ… Added repository & unit of work abstractions for better testing and validation

βœ… SmartEnum property scaffolding support

Some v0.14 highlights

βœ… Duende BFF scaffolding

βœ… React scaffolding

βœ… Dockerfile and Docker Compose scaffolding

Some v0.13 highlights

βœ… DDD promoted entities (private setters, factory methods, associated fakers)

βœ… Huge permissions upgrade. Significantly simplified setup which resulted in a new library (HeimGuard) that can be used in any .NET project.

βœ… New register:producer command

βœ… Added soft delete capability

βœ… Added Shared Kernel

Some v0.12 highlights

βœ… .NET 6 Scaffolding

βœ… Docker utility updates for integration tests using Fluent Docker 🐳

βœ… add:feature enhancement to add more than just ad-hoc features

βœ… new:example command to generate example projects with associated templates

βœ… Auth Server Scaffolding (In-Memory)

βœ… Auditable entities


If Wrapt and Craftsman are saving you time and helping your projects, consider sponsoring me on Github to support ongoing Wrapt development and make it even better!


Time is of the essence. Before developing a Pull Request I recommend opening a new topic for discussion. I also haven't had enough PR interest to take the time and put together a, but if you are interested, I will definitely put together a detailed writeup.

Contact Me

Sometimes Github notifications get lost in the shuffle. If you file an issue and don't hear from me in 24-48 hours feel free to ping me on twitter or Discord (pdevito3#4244). We also have own discord channel now for easy contact with me and larger community discussions!