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The document viewer for PDF Archiver.
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PDF Archive Viewer

The PDF Archive Viewer shows documents in iCloud Drive. It is a helper of the macOS App PDF Archiver.

📜 Convention

  • Date: yyyy-mm-dd Date of the document content.
  • Description: --ikea-tradfri-gateway Meaningful description of the document.
  • Tags: __bill_ikea_iot Tags which will help you to find the document in your archive. Capital letters, spaces and language specific characters (such as ä, ö, ü, ß) will be removed to maximize the filesystem compatibility.

Your archive will look like this:

└── Archive
    ├── 2017
    │   ├── 2017-05-12--apple-macbook__apple_bill.pdf
    │   └── 2017-01-02--this-is-a-document__bill_vacation.pdf
    └── 2018
        ├── 2018-04-30--this-might-be-important__work_travel.pdf
        ├── 2018-05-26--parov-stelar__concert_ticket.pdf
        └── 2018-12-01--master-thesis__finally_longterm_university.pdf

This structure is independent from your OS and filesystem and makes it very easy to search files ...

  • ... by tag via a searchterm like: _tagname, starting with _
  • ... by description via a searchterm like: -descriptionword, starting with -
  • ... by tag or description via a searchterm like: searchword, starting with the term
  • ... and even the file content: have a look at the Pro Tips!

⁉️ Help

  • Take a look at the FAQs.
  • Get in contact with us at Discord.

:octocat: How to contribute

Rate the App in the App Store.

All contributions are welcome! Feel free to contribute to this project. Submit pull requests or contribute tutorials - whatever you have to offer, it would be appreciated!

❗️ Other

License Update

# installation
brew install mono0926/license-plist/license-plist

# update license files
license-plist --add-version-numbers --output-path PDFArchiver/Resources/Settings.bundle --suppress-opening-directory
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