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hhrutter committed Jul 21, 2019
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
# pdfcpu: a golang pdf processor
# pdfcpu: a Go PDF processor

[![Build Status](](
Expand All @@ -17,15 +17,15 @@ It provides both an API and a CLI. Supported are all versions up to PDF 1.7 (ISO
This is an effort to build a comprehensive PDF processing library from the ground up written in Go. Over time pdfcpu aims to support the standard range of PDF processing features and also any interesting use cases that may present themselves along the way.

<p align="center">
<kbd><img src="resources/gridpdf.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/wmi1abs.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/nup9pdf.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/stt31.png" height="150"></kbd><br><br>
<kbd><img src="resources/sti.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/gridpdf.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/wmi1abs.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/nup9pdf.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/stt31.png" height="150"></a></kbd><br><br>
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/sti.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/hold3.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/wmi4.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;<br><br>
<kbd><img src="resources/stp.png" height="150"></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><img src="resources/gridimg.png" height="150"></kbd>
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/wmi4.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;<br><br>
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/stp.png" height="150"></a></kbd>&nbsp;
<kbd><a href=""><img src="resources/gridimg.png" height="150"></a></kbd>

## Focus
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ The main focus lies on strong support for batch processing and scripting via a r
### GoDoc

* [pdfcpu package](
* [pdfcpu api](
* [pdfcpu API](
* [pdfcpu CLI](

## Status

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9 changes: 6 additions & 3 deletions pkg/pdfcpu/writeObjects.go
Expand Up @@ -204,9 +204,12 @@ func writeObject(ctx *Context, objNumber, genNumber int, s string) error {

w := ctx.Write

// Cleanup entry (nexessary for split command)
entry, _ := ctx.FindTableEntry(objNumber, genNumber)
entry.Compressed = false
// Cleanup entry (necessary for split command)
// TODO This is not the right place to check for an existing obj since we maybe writing NULL.
entry, ok := ctx.FindTableEntry(objNumber, genNumber)
if ok {
entry.Compressed = false

// Set write-offset for this object.
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12 changes: 3 additions & 9 deletions pkg/pdfcpu/xreftable.go
Expand Up @@ -266,17 +266,11 @@ func (xRefTable *XRefTable) FindTableEntryLight(objNr int) (*XRefTableEntry, boo
func (xRefTable *XRefTable) FindTableEntry(objNr int, genNr int) (*XRefTableEntry, bool) {

//fmt.Printf("FindTableEntry: obj#:%d gen:%d \n", objNumber, generationNumber)

entry, found := xRefTable.Find(objNr)
// if found && entry == nil {
// fmt.Printf("FindTableEntry(%d,%d) finds entry = nil!\n", objNr, genNr)
// }

if found && *entry.Generation == genNr {
return entry, found
if !found || *entry.Generation != genNr {
return nil, false

return nil, false
return entry, found

// FindTableEntryForIndRef returns the XRefTable entry for given indirect reference.
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