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pdfcpu version 0.1.15

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@hhrutter hhrutter released this 16 Sep 02:27
· 696 commits to master since this release

With this release pdfcpu has been migrated to the Apache-2.0 license.

The new feature of this release is adding watermarks to selected pages.
Watermarks may be a text or an image with support for png and tiff right now (jpg still to come).
pdfcpu watermark adds classic watermarks that sit in the background of a page while
pdfcpu stamp adds watermarks that are added on top of the page content and are therefore called stamps.

The standard configuration for watermarks/stamps is the location at the center of the page with a positive rotation along the diagonale from the lower left to the upper right page corner.
Configurable attributes include: fontname/size/color, scalefactor abs/rel, opacity, rotation, rendermode
Learn more about the new commands by referring to pdfcpu help stampand pdfcpu help watermark.

Sometimes watermarks are invisible due to non transparent images located in the foreground.
The trick to achieve the desired watermark effect for these files is to stamp the file with an opacity of eg. 0.5

This release also integrates improved versions for compress/lzw,
and comes with support for the CMYK color model and TIFF files with or without lzw compression.

There are also fixes for: #29, #36