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@hhrutter hhrutter released this
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This release introduces TrueType font support for stamps/watermarks.

  • Use pdfcpu fonts install to install a list of ttf fonts. (pdfcpu f i also works)
  • Use pdfcpu fonts list to print the list of supported/installed fonts. (pdfcpu f lalso works)
  • Run TestCreateFontSamples in api_test.go anytime to produce sample pages for all installed fonts.

We are also introducing a pdfcpu config dir with this release using the os.UserConfigDir introduced with go 1.13. hence we also had to bump the required minimum version for building to go1.13.

We finally also have a docker file and a couple of bugs have been fixed.

Thanks to everybody contributing to this release be it by submitting issues or PRs! 💚


6440804 Update min go version to 1.13
23dcd69 Add Sam Giffney as contributor
c4192ba Add TrueType font support
9927baa Merge pull request #139 from s01ipsist/dockerize
06aa5e8 Add Dockerfile and usage instructions
c20cd91 Fix #137
7519e68 Fix #138
8d41ed1 Fix #133
41b9a79 Add ryarnyah as contributor
9f4f093 Merge pull request #131 from ryarnyah/fix/go-fuzz-read
f99a631 Add Invalid filter to NewFilter to fix crash found with go-fuzz
e7fdde8 Fix #126