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@hhrutter hhrutter released this 04 Apr 23:46
· 331 commits to master since this release

Please skip this release and go get or download v0.3.11
(One commit that should have been part of this release did not make it)

This release comes with the following


  1. (#287) When validating a PDF also check for any broken links by using the flag -l:
pdfcpu val -l stellar-consensus-protocol.pdf
validating(mode=relaxed) stellar-consensus-protocol.pdf ...
validating URIs..
Page 30: severe error
Page 31: status=404
Page 31: status=403
validation error: broken links detected
  1. (#296) Generate multi folio booklets by using an extension to the booklet command.
    See also:
    Arrange pages of in.pdf 2 per sheetside as a sequence of folios covering 4*foliosize pages each:
pdfcpu booklet -- "formsize:A4, multifolio:on" hardbackbook.pdf 2 in.pdf
  1. (#297) Provide symbols for including the current page number and/or the total page count in stamps/watermarks.
    Use %p for the current page number and %P for the page count like so:
pdfcpu stamp add -mode text -- "Hello Gopher\nPage %p of %P" "" in.pdf
  1. (#301) pdfcpu import: Support for webp images

  2. (#295) pdfcpu import: add facility for color conversion by the following flags:

gray converts to grayscale (on/off, true/false, t/f) during importing eg:

pdfcpu import -- "gray:true" gray.pdf test.jpg 

sepia applies a sepia effect (on/off, true/false, t/f) during importing:

pdfcpu import -- "sepia:true" sepia.pdf test.jpg 

Thanks 💚

We also have numerous bug fixes, improvements to the parser and pdfcpu commands.
Thanks to all of you who submitted PRs and reported issues 🙏


0146aa1 Add Jan Baryla as contributors
d384679 Add TheDiscordian as contributor
243395b Add basic action type validation
bb5bf78 Add support for right to left user fonts
344367c Add user font samples for RTL scripts
098dc49 Also attach the test script
45ec49e Bump version
001bbc5 Cleanup bookmarks.go
f73b610 Fix #273
9ed5add Fix #285
9d9c82c Fix #287
fa7867b Fix #293
da2c89a Fix #294
9fa39af Fix #295
53385b4 Fix #296
fb4d165 Fix #297
f0dcd27 Fix #298
6901fad Fix #299
58a5f8b Fix #301
65c027d Fix #303
220d0c9 Fix #305
3dc2ac9 Fix #307
f99879e Fix #311
9340137 Fix #313
47cbe19 Fix #316
5515273 Fix #319
c5482e8 Fix crop usage
dce459e Fix shadingdict validation
7798e24 Handle bookmarks with nested GoTo Actions, without validation
26e7a96 Integrate #271
aa1acbd Merge-in branch 'handling-destless-bookmarks'
06dad62 Minor clean up
5ae9b75 Support recursive outline traversal - bookmarks have children
6561e57 wip