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@hhrutter hhrutter released this 12 Jul 00:49
· 313 commits to master since this release

This release is based on go1.16 and comes with two new commands and a wide array of improvements and fixes for both CLI and API:

The new annotation handling supports listing, adding and removing annotations via the API and
listing and removing annotations via the CLI:

pdfcpu annotations list   [-p(ages) selectedPages] inFile
pdfcpu annotations remove [-p(ages) selectedPages] inFile [objNr...]

Image extraction was improved in several ways.
There is support for cascaded filters and as of now pdfcpu also recognizes thumbnails.
There is also a related command that prints a list of images for selected pages including available details:

pdfcpu images list [-p(ages) selectedPages] inFile
  • The boxes and info command now include the effective page rotation and orientation.
  • You can now include links in your stamps using the url parameter.

Using the API you can now generate your own bookmarks aka outline hierarchy.
See more: bookmarks_test.go

🙏 Thanks everybody for submitting issues and PRs 🙏
There were lots of bugs fixed and PRs processed. Not all of the PRs were actually merged in, because of the state of things,
but rest assured digested into the code base and honored under the contributors list on the
Special thanks go to @petervwyatt and @kpym for their continued suggestions and valuable input.


b911d21 info/boxes: add page rotation and orientation
6d519ce Add simple annotation handling
5b54825 Add stamps with links, Add annotation cmd
b4ed6bb Embed config.yml
cafccf8 Extract file writing
fd08184 Extract images in memory
49c75a6 Fix #300, #323, #329, #336
b0c73af Fix #320
075feb9 Fix #322
7100142 Fix #324
680ae89 Fix #325
7a62cd0 Fix #326
e4890f2 Fix #330
694d519 Fix #331
c796f33 Fix #332
573ad83 Fix #333
2616a40 Fix #334, #342
662f7e8 Fix #350
f2aa684 Fix #335
19c3126 Fix #338
9fe5913 Fix #341
b8f382a Fix #343
c7d720b Fix #347
6c0ee1e Fix date validation
f06c608 Fix rename err
ac9adc6 Improve error context during validation
72223c3 Merge AcroForms
4ae05ab Merge branch 'extract-img-inmem' into master
f189660 Simplify test