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@hhrutter hhrutter released this 30 Nov 15:53
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Hello, this release is all about PDF generation!

table  json

A new command interprets a JSON structure representing page declarations and renders PDF pages accordingly:

pdfcpu create in.json [in.pdf] out.pdf

contains a page sequence with content composed of text, images, colored boxes, tables and more.
Each content element follows a box model consisting of margin, border and padding and may define fonts and colors where appropriate. You may also set general page attributes like paper size, background color or your crop box and you may also define your page headers and footers.

if present, existing page content of in.pdf will be modified by appending to it.

is where rendered pages are written to.


How it works

The way this command is setup allows for repeatedly adding content to a PDF.
This fosters an incremental approach to PDF generation which may be during the design phase or in production.

simplebox   imagebox


The best documentation for this command is the combination of the content of:

If you are a Go developer you can play around with createFromJSON_test.go by modifying the JSON file and then executing the test which will give you immediate visual feedback by regenerating the corresponding result PDF.

The JSON is self explanatory and I highly recommend working through all the examples!

Many of the examples are multi page PDFs so make sure you don't miss anything!

You will learn about

  • setting up your layout coordinate system
  • absolute vs. anchored positioning
  • inheritance of fonts, margin, border, padding
  • setting up your custom colors
  • setting up your resource dirs for imageBoxes
  • setting up pools for reused boxes, images and text
  • using guides throughout the layout process
  • how to highlight your crop box and content boxes


Although this command allows for the modification of any PDF it works best for PDFs generated by pdfcpu itself.

PDF Forms

Eventually and this release is really the preparation you will be able to create your PDF forms with this command.

To catch a glimpse of this effort have a look at:

and again the corresponding PDF files in pkg/samples/create/

You are welcome to experiment with form generation based on these form element samples but PDF form creation has NOT been released!

🙏 Thanks everybody for submitting issues and PRs 🙏

Thank you for using pdfcpu 💚


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