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convertFile does not support uploading .zip files #1

zwise opened this Issue · 2 comments

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At the moment, the convertFile method in pdfcrowd.js does not appear to support uploading .zip files. I can use a simple html source file without any problems, but trying to upload a .zip results in errors being thrown by the querystring module.

  return encodeURIComponent(str);
URIError: URI malformed
    at encodeURIComponent (native)
    at Object.escape (querystring.js:114:10)
    at querystring.js:151:30
    at (native)
    at Object.<anonymous> (querystring.js:141:31)
    at /Users/zwise/Sites/PL7Docs/node_modules/pdfcrowd/lib/pdfcrowd.js:142:28
    at Object.processRequest (/Users/zwise/Sites/PL7Docs/node_modules/pdfcrowd/lib/pdfcrowd.js:214:29)
    at Object.addRequest (/Users/zwise/Sites/PL7Docs/node_modules/pdfcrowd/lib/pdfcrowd.js:202:14)
    at /Users/zwise/Sites/PL7Docs/node_modules/pdfcrowd/lib/pdfcrowd.js:46:22
    at [object Object].<anonymous> (fs.js:143:5)

This should be fixed by f16aca5. Please could you verify that it is working for you on your end?


Confirming that this issue is fixed. Thanks @pdfcrowd. Closing this issue.

@zwise zwise closed this
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