PDFCreator - The free PDF Converter
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PDFCreator - The free PDF Converter

This is the public GitHub repository of PDFCreator. Right now, this is a snapshot of our private GitLab repository and requires some manual work to get this to compile on your machine. Over the time, we will try to split up things to have our internal stuff separated from the public parts, to be able to give you access to our FAKE build scripts and our Paket repository. This will allow you to easily create build and to contribute to the development of PDFCreator more easily.

Open for developers

We are pdfforge are constantly looking for talented developers to join our team in Hamburg, Germany. If you are interested, you can have a look at our current open positions. If there shouldn't be any at the moment but you are yet interested, feel free to contact us anyway.

Please note that we do not offer remote jobs though.