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// LicenseStatus.cpp
// Copyright (c) 2019 Pdfix. All Rights Reserved.
#include "pdfixsdksamples/LicenseStatus.h"
// system
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
// other libraries
#include "Pdfix.h"
using namespace PDFixSDK;
namespace LicenseStatus {
// write license status into an output stream
void Run(std::ostream& os) {
// initialize Pdfix
if (!Pdfix_init(Pdfix_MODULE_NAME))
throw std::runtime_error("Pdfix initialization fail");
Pdfix* pdfix = GetPdfix();
if (!pdfix)
throw std::runtime_error("GetPdfix fail");
auto authorization = pdfix->GetAuthorization();
if (!authorization)
throw PdfixException();
auto stm = pdfix->CreateMemStream();
if (!stm)
throw PdfixException();
if (!authorization->SaveToStream(stm, kDataFormatJson))
throw PdfixException();
std::string json;
stm->Read(0, (uint8_t*)&json[0], (int)json.size());
os << json;