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xb29 commented Sep 10, 2012


I was not able to find this piece of information in LICENSE file, but is PDFKit under MIT License ?

Moreover, I had to install wkhtmltox to generate my .PDF files, and I noticed that wkhtmltox is under LGPL license.
If I want to use PDFKit in my project, does that mean that I will include one project under MIT License and another one under LGPL license ?

I am not very familiar with LGPL licenses, since I use to include only MIT license gems in my project.



sigmavirus24 commented Aug 23, 2013

Hey @xb29

Sorry it's taken a year to answer your question but licensing is tricky and I just started working on this project.

The long and the short is that pdfkit is permissively licensed which means you can do whatever you want with it. We use wkhtmltopdf as a binary which means we don't use its API. This is a hand-waving way of saying that we are legally okay by licensing pdfkit under a permissive license. By using it as a utility that we shell out to we're okay and so are you. Want to use pdfkit commercially? Go ahead.

The LGPL only affects wkhtmltopdf, its API and its source.

Thanks for raising this issue!

xb29 commented Aug 27, 2013

Thanks for your answer @sigmavirus24 :)


sigmavirus24 commented Aug 27, 2013

Glad to help @xb29! I just saw tl;dr legal this morning and that might interest you too.

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