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pdfkit should be explicit about the error when all margin units are not the same #174

henrik opened this Issue · 3 comments

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wkhtmltopdf requires all margin units to be the same, e.g.:

$ wkhtmltopdf --margin-left 30mm --margin-right 1in test.html out.pdf
Loading page (1/2)
Error: Currently all margin units must be the same!

But if I pass the same options to pdfkit, I get a generic "command failed: …" message that never mentions the units.


@henrik Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

@sigmavirus24 I'm labeling this swallowed errors since it sounds like a consequence of what you were talking about.


Newer versions of PDFKit allow the user to enable the output from wkhtmltopdf to be printed.


Thanks for the update!

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