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DAM PDFs - Data Access Matrix PDFs


Data Access Matrix for PDF, or "DAM PDF", will work in the background with PDF Liberation challenges to curate a reference chart of which tools perform best for which PDF data extraction use cases. To help gather and share re-usable knowledge form the hackathon, we are putting together a simple data capture tool for teams to report their experiences and what they learn.

What we would like to capture from each team

  1. The source PDF file(s) itself
  2. What type of PDF is it (tabular data, images, structured text, etc)
  3. What the extraction goal is (what are we trying to get out of that and into what format)
  4. Each tool that was attempted and how it was attempted
  5. What the results were with that tool/particular attempt
  6. What would have to be changed/added to the tool or process to achieve success (#3)...or if it actually worked, and where the results are
  7. Contact info (names/email addresses/twitter handles/organizations) for each challenge group.

How to capture and share information

Capture and share your team's activity in 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit activity tracker gist and fork it
  2. Edit your version to share what your team's activity
  3. There's no third step