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This is my personal github website, which will contain a portfolio of various programming, data analysis, and visualization projects and blog posts. It may also contain personal items such as photographs. Currently it is under construction and will be updated as more repositories are added to the github.

The content on this webpage will be presented in a more accessible and user-friendly manner than the github repositories.

This repository contains the files (e.g. html, layouts, plugins, etc.) used to generate my website using Jekyll. For the generated website files, see pdil/_site.

Build Workflow

Whenever a new commit is pushed to this repository, the website is automatically built and the contents pushed to the pdil/_site repository, where it is hosted by Github Pages.

The steps for this process are as follows:

  1. Commits to this repository automatically start Travis CI build process.
  2. Travis executes scripts/
    • Clones the pdil/_site repository
    • Calls jekyll build to generate the website files
    • Calls html-proofer to check for HTML errors
  3. jekyll build builds to the _site folder with the generated website files (overwriting the cloned repo).
  4. Travis executes scripts/
    • cd's into _site
    • Stages all files and commits
    • Pushes to pdil/_site
    • The commit ID of this repo is included in the commit message to pdil/_site so that it's easy to check if the current website-generator commit has been successfully built.
  5. When the entire process is complete (or errors out) I am sent a Pushover notification indicating the status of the build.

This process makes it very convenient to edit or post to my website while on the go. For example, using the Working Copy iOS app I can edit files and push them to this repository and the website is automatically built and hosted, even though I don't have access to a terminal. It also allows me to receive push notifications on the status of the build.

The process is described in more detail in my blog post Automated publishing with Jekyll and Travis CI on iOS.


๐Ÿ•ธ Files for my personal website are stored here and then built using Jekyll. See for the static website files.






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