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Updated readme, OnslaughtBP is needed to compile

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@@ -4,9 +4,10 @@ TitanRPG is a complete standalone roleplaying game mutator for Unreal Tournament
-TitanRPG can be built like any other UT2004 package:
+TitanRPG can be built like any other UT2004 package. The following steps are necessary:
-* Add *TitanRPG* to the `EditPackages` list in your `UT2004.ini`.
+* Clone the repository into your UT2004 installation directory (so that the TitanRPG directory is on the same level as e.g. *System* or *Animations*).
+* Add `OnslaughtBP` and `TitanRPG` to the `EditPackages` list in your `UT2004.ini` file.
* Switch to your installation's `System` directory.
* Remove any existing `TitanRPG.u` file.
* Execute the command line `ucc make`.

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