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Metadata-Version: 1.1
Name: pisa
Version: 3.0.33
Summary: PDF generator using HTML and CSS
Author: Dirk Holtwick
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description: pisa is a html2pdf converter using the ReportLab Toolkit,
the HTML5lib and pyPdf. It supports HTML 5 and CSS 2.1 (and some of CSS 3).
It is completely written in pure Python so it is platform independent.
The main benefit of this tool that a user with Web skills like HTML and CSS
is able to generate PDF templates very quickly without learning new
technologies. Easy integration into Python frameworks like CherryPy,
KID Templating, TurboGears, Django, Zope, Plone, Google AppEngine (GAE) etc.
(see 'demo' folder for examples)
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: Development Status :: 6 - Mature
Classifier: Environment :: Console
Classifier: Environment :: MacOS X
Classifier: Environment :: Other Environment
Classifier: Environment :: Web Environment
Classifier: Environment :: Win32 (MS Windows)
Classifier: Framework :: Django
Classifier: Framework :: Plone
Classifier: Framework :: Pylons
Classifier: Framework :: TurboGears
Classifier: Framework :: Zope2
Classifier: Framework :: Zope3
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Customer Service
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Education
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Financial and Insurance Industry
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Healthcare Industry
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Information Technology
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Legal Industry
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Manufacturing
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Science/Research
Classifier: Intended Audience :: System Administrators
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Telecommunications Industry
Classifier: License :: Free for non-commercial use
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Classifier: Natural Language :: English
Classifier: Natural Language :: German
Classifier: Operating System :: MacOS
Classifier: Operating System :: MacOS :: MacOS X
Classifier: Operating System :: Microsoft
Classifier: Operating System :: Microsoft :: MS-DOS
Classifier: Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows
Classifier: Operating System :: Other OS
Classifier: Operating System :: POSIX
Classifier: Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux
Classifier: Operating System :: Unix
Classifier: Topic :: Documentation
Classifier: Topic :: Internet
Classifier: Topic :: Multimedia
Classifier: Topic :: Office/Business
Classifier: Topic :: Office/Business :: Financial
Classifier: Topic :: Office/Business :: Financial :: Accounting
Classifier: Topic :: Printing
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Filters
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Fonts
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: General
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Indexing
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Linguistic
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup :: HTML
Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup :: XML
Classifier: Topic :: Utilities
Requires: html5lib
Requires: pypdf
Requires: pil