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animalclub (WIP)

Animal Club (AC) is still in development. Each "animal" is made of DNA and several Genotypes written in a special purpose monad. Using the Skellygen and Animal module, the animal's Genome can be mapped onto a parameterized mesh generator to create unique 3D meshes for each genetic expression of the animal.


Genetics is a general purpose genetic expression module. DNA is a bit array. When breeding two DNAs, 1 bit out of every 2 from each parent is randomly chosen and put together to be the the 2 new bits of child's DNA.

Gene is a computation on an indexed subset of DNA. The Genotype monad is a Writer / State monad for creating computations on Genes. AC includes several basic computations for either strategically or randomly creating these computations. The State portion contains hierarchical info about what part of the DNA (Genes) to operate on. The writer portion is where the user writes out computed values with string labels to be read by another program. A typical usage might look something like this:

import           AnimalClub.Genetics

-- AnimalClub provides support methods for the writer Monoid [(Text,[Float])]
-- such as tellGene and tellGenes. You are free to use whatever Monoid you want.
example = do
	gbNormalizedSum >>= tellGene "Some Label 1"
    gbNormalizedThresh 0.5 >>= tellGene "Some Label 2" . (\x -> if x then 1 else 0)
    a1 <- gbTypical (0,100)
    a2 <- gbTypical (0,100)
    tellGenes "third" [a1,a2]
    gbRandomRanges [(0,1) | _ <-[(0::Int)..9]] >>= tellGenes "Some Label 3"

This is a worm that was bred to curl into a circle with sinusoidal growth:

worm bred to curl in a circle with sinusoidal girth


The Skellygen module contains a special parametrizable mesh generating data structure. It's rather esoteric but totally works.

Here is a goat generated using Skellygen

goat generated using skellygen


The Animals module bridges Genetics and Skellygen.

It has two components.

Animal contains methods for creating a base skeleton upon which phenotypes from Genetics are then applied.

Builders contains methods for automatically generating Genotypes based on a high level specification.

foreign bindings

The ForeignBindings module creates a dynamically linked C library that exposes some methods in Genetics and Skellygen.


Next step is to finish goatbreeder which is is the example use case and testing environment for AnimalClub. It lets you click to choose which goats you want to breed.


general purpose genetics + procedural 3d animal generation library







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