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Awesome PDM

Awesome PDM

A curated list of awesome PDM plugins and resources


  • pdm-download - A PDM plugin to download all packages in a lockfile for offline use
  • pdm-packer - A PDM plugin that packs your packages into a zipapp
  • pdm-version - Make pdm version like poetry version
  • pdm-bump - A PDM plugin that behaves like bump2version relying on PEP440 compliant versions
  • pdm-audit - A PDM plugin that hooks into the installation end executes pip-audit right after installation or manually
  • pdm-sbom - A PDM plugin that generates Software Bill of Materials as SPDX, CycloneDX and JFrog build info from pdm.lock.
  • pdm-shell - Use pdm shell set PATH and PYTHONPATH in the current shell
  • pdm-django - pdm manage and pdm django-admin shortcuts for Django commands
  • pdm-autoexport - A PDM plugin to sync the exported files with the project file
  • pdm-vscode - A PDM plugin that autogenerates workspace vscode settings for you
  • pdm-multirun - A PDM plugin to run a command on multiple Python versions
  • pdm-conda - A PDM plugin to install project dependencies with Conda
  • pdm-plugin-torch - A utility tool for selecting torch backend and version
  • pdm-dotenv - A PDM plugin that loads .env files
  • sync-pre-commit-lock - A PDM plugin to ease your life with pre-commit (automatic install, sync)
  • pdm-pip-index-url - A PDM plugin that automatically converts PIP_*INDEX_URL to PDM_PYPI_* envs
  • pdm-build-locked - A PDM plugin to add locked packages as additional optional dependency groups to the distribution metadata on build
  • pdm-readiness - A PDM plugin to check if your project dependencies support specified Python version
  • pdm-dockerize - A PDM plugin to help generating docker images from PDM projects
  • pdm-wheel - A PDM plugin to export your dependencies wheels, mainly for CI and deployments


  • copier-pdm - A Copier template for PDM projects
  • copier-pdm - Another Copier template for Python projects managed by PDM
  • cookiecutter-pdm-pypackage - A cookiecutter pdm pypackage template with ruff, mkdocs, precommit-hooks, github actions and more
  • setup-pdm - A GitHub Action that installs pdm properly for all Python versions
  • pdm-ci - A docker image for usage in multistage builds or gitlab-ci
  • tox-pdm - A plugin for tox that utilizes PDM as the package manager and installer
  • VSCode PDM Task Provider - VSCode Task provider for PDM
  • Mina - a monorepo-like implementation, which act as a hacking agent of pdm-pep517
  • sync_with_pdm - a pre-commit hook to keep PDM-managed packages and pre-commit hooks in sync
  • update-deps-action - A GitHub Action to update the pdm lockfile




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