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Integration and CI scripts for reddwarf_lite
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Integration dev scripts, tests and docs for Reddwarf.

Steps to setup this environment:

Install a fresh Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) image ( We suggest to create a virtual machine )

Login to the machine as root

Make sure we have git installed:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install git-core -y

Add a user that is not root if you do not already have one:

$ adduser ubuntu
$ visudo

add this line to the file below the root user

ubuntu  ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

**OR use this if you dont want to type your password to sudo a command**


if /dev/pts/0 does not have read/write for your user

$ chmod 660 /dev/pts/0

Note that this number can change and if you can not connect to the screen session then the /dev/pts/# needs modding like above.

Login with ubuntu:

$ su ubuntu
$ cd ~

Clone this repo:

$ git clone

Go into the scripts directory:

$ cd reddwarf_lite-integration/scripts/

Running redstack is the core script:

Run this to get the command list with a short description of each

$ ./redstack

Install all the dependencies

$ ./redstack install

Connecting to the screen session

$ screen -x stack

If that command fails with the error

Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1'

If that command fails with the error chmod the corresponding /dev/pts/#

$ chmod 660 /dev/pts/1

Detach from the screen session

Allows the services to continue running in the background

ctrl+a then d

Kick start the build/initialize/build-image/start commands

Add mysql as a parameter to set build and add the mysql guest image

$ ./redstack kick-start mysql

Optional commands if you did not run kick-start

Build the packages

$ ./redstack build

Initialize the database and setup everything

$ ./redstack initalize

Build the image and add it to glance

$ ./redstack build-image mysql

Start up the reddwarf services in a screen session

$ ./redstack start

Running the reddwarf client (It's so easy!)

This sets of the authorization endpoint and gets a token for you

$ ./redstack rd-client

Running the nova client (It's so easy!)

This sets of the authorization endpoint and gets a token for you

$ ./redstack nova-client

Reset your environment

Stop all the services running in the screens and refresh the envirnoment:

$ killall -9 screen

$ RECLONE=yes ./redstack install
$ ./redstack kick-start mysql


$ RECLONE=yes ./redstack install
$ ./redstack build
$ ./redstack initialize
$ ./redstack build-image mysql
$ ./redstack start
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