An ActionMailer 3 extension / delivery method for the MadMimi transactional Mailer API.
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Mail::MadMimi is a delivery method for Mail. It uses the MadMimi library to send mail via Mad Mimi.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'mail-mad_mimi', :require => 'mail/mad_mimi', :git => 'git://'

About this fork

Updated Mail::MadMimi to work with Rails 3.2.6 and fleshed out the system for passing MadMimi placeholders in with the standard ActionMailer style. I tried to stick to the original author's original intent so most of this documentation still makes sense. I added my own usage scenario, though (see "Documentation for this fork," below).


Original Documentation:

require "mail"
require "mail/mad_mimi"

mail = do
  to              ""
  from            ""
  subject         "test"
  delivery_method Mail::MadMimi, :email => "", :api_key => "1234"


Documentation for this fork (assumes the presence of at least Rails 3.2.6 on Ruby 1.9.3):


Mail::MadMimi.api_settings = {
  :email   => <your MadMimi account email/login>,
  :api_key => <your MadMimi account API Key>


class UserMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  self.delivery_method = :mad_mimi

  default from: "Your Name <Your Email Address>", return_path: "Your Name <Your Email Address>"

  def test_promotion
    user = User.first
    mad_mimi_options = {firstName: user.first_name, lastName: user.last_name}
    mad_mimi_options.merge(promotion_name: 'test_promotion') # Optional (only needed if different than the current action name).
    mail(subject: "Test", to:, mad_mimi: mad_mimi_options)

On the console or in a controller, etc.


Headers and options

The :to, :from, :bcc, and :subject headers are taken from the Mail object passed to deliver

In addition, any hash values given as a :mad_mimi header are passed on to Mad Mimi. That means if you use the Mail object with a different delivery method, you'll get an ugly mad_mimi header.

You can see other available options on the Mad Mimi developer site.

HTML (:raw_html) and plain text (:raw_plain_text) bodies are extracted from the Mail object.

Use :list_name => "beta users" to send to a list or :to_all => true to send to all subscribers.

Mad Mimi macros

If you are sending to an individual email address, the body must include [[tracking_beacon]] or [[peek_image]].

If you are sending to a list or everyone, the body must include [[opt_out]] or [[unsubscribe]].

An exception will be raised if you don't include a macro. When debugging, you may want to set raise_delivery_errors = true on your Mail object.

Rails 3 support

If ActionMailer is loaded, Mail::MadMimi registers itself as a delivery method.

You can then configure it in an environment file:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :mad_mimi
config.action_mailer.mad_mimi_settings = {
  :email   => "",
  :api_key => "a1b9892611956aa13a5ab9ccf01f4966",

If only some of your Mailers should use the :mad_mimi delivery_method, this fork allows you to specify the default mad_mimi_settings in a config/initializer file. See "Documentation for this fork," above for an example.