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Microsoft Windows Defender TA for Splunk®. Inputs and extractions for use with Splunk®.

Author information

   Original Author: Patrick O'Connell
   Version/Date: 1.0.6 / April 27, 2018
   Sourcetype: XmlWinEventLog:Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender/Operational
   Has index-time ops: false

Update History

   1.0.6 April 27, 2018
   Updated lookup for event ID messages to match new Microsoft definitions.
   Thanks to Mark Baumgartner of Creighton University for the catch.

   1.0.5 Dec 30, 2017
   Fixed typo in EventTypes.conf. This makes tags work again. Thanks to
   Chris Keladis from Katana1.

   1.0.4 Nov 1, 2017
   Fixed wrong file inclusion for certification.

   1.0.3 Oct 31, 2017
   Added definitions for all magic values found in Defender logs as of today.

   1.0.2 Oct 1, 2017
   Fixing naming conventions and trademarks per SplunkBase documentation.

   1.0.1 Sep 28, 2017
   Fixed file_path and file_name extractions. Thanks to people both
   in Slack and the support team working at .Conf 2017.

   1.0.0 Sep 18, 2017
   Initial release

Using this TA

   Configuration: Install TA via GUI on all search heads, install
   via your preferred method (manual or Deployment Server) on
   forwarders running on Windows running Windows Defender.

   Ensure that you have at least version 6.2.0 universal forwarders.
   This is because of the Windows XML event log format.

   For information on Windows Defender event codes, see below.


   This is a community supported TA. As such, post to
   and reference it. Someone should be with you shortly.

   Pull requests via github are welcome! The repository can be found


Splunk TA for Windows Defender inputs and extractions.




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