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MFM disk emulator ( ST506, ST412, ST225 ) based on DE10-Nano board
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MFM disk emulator ( ST506, ST412, ST225 ) based on DE10-Nano board

This is a new follow-up project from the RL01 / RL02 disk emulator, also based on SoC/HPS
environment with the DE10-Nano board: .
It is based on the DE10-Nano with a different I/O interface. Details on my homepage,
The project provides real time decoding and encoding. As with the RL01/RL02 emulator project, it is
intended to save the data in an .dsk file to be also compatible with the SIMH project.
There are still some open points which are briefly described in the sources of the MFM decoder
MFM_gap_DECODER_V1_0.v and CL_my_MFM_DEcoder_V1_0.v. Currently, it is possible to read a complete
disk(RD51) based on a PDP11-23, RQDX-1 environment and save it in SIMH-compatible .dsk format.
At the moment I don't have the possibility for further analyze this problem in the DEC environment
because I do not have the necessary vintage hardware and also not the necessary environment around.
Unfortunately, I also do not have an up and running MFM-disk based PC at the moment.
Furthermore, it is planned to bring both interfaces together like in the overview.pdf dokument.
A detailed description with hints and explanations, open points+solutions is in the document MFM_debug.pdf

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