Project to teach kids hacking techniques to get them started early security, programming and technology in general.
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Hacking For Kids

NOTE: work in progress

This guide is meant to provide a roadmap for teaching kids getting first hands in cybersecurity. It is meant to show security from the perspective of the attacker and illustrate the various defense mechanisms.


NOTE: Some of these topcs require prerior knowledge to be successful at them. However, I don't believe it is a good approach to lecture kids on complex subject before they even get their hands on the stuff. The best way to learn is by practice so expect more hands-on exercises.

NOTE: In no particular order here they are.

  • Information Gathering
  • Basic Security Mechanisms
    • Authentication - passwords
    • Authorization - who can do what and where
  • Scripting
    • How to run commands
    • Basic scripting - pipes, etc
  • Vulnerabilities
    • Making mistakes - what vuns are and why they exist
    • Exploits - what are exploits
  • Hardware
    • Build simple evil USB


NOTE: All of these challenges require some form of guidence.

  • Mario Says - basic challenge to teach about machine code and how to edit binary files
  • The Cave - disassembly challange to teach about machine code and how to bypass jumps

Notes / Ideas


  • Setup a github project - might be too early
  • How do you get a 3 year old started in security - good question
  • Document everything in twitte account - this will be fun
  • Record youtube videos


  • Basic infra to show how to crack a password
  • Simple binary reversing challange - change hex codes to bypass or display some funny message