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A starting template for Django websites using HTML5 boilerplate.
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Django HTML5 Boilerplate


This is a starting template for Django website projects using (a slightly modified version of) HTML5 Boilerplate.

As of version 0.3 I've migrated to the virtualenv way of working with Python projects. If you're unfamiliar, I've found some good reads here:


  • A Django project skeleton
  • A slightly now less modified version of the HTML5 Boilerplate
  • django.contrib.staticfiles url conf set up for serving static media
  • A template file that allows you to set environment-specific settings
  • A script that allows you to run the unit tests for all applications in INSTALLED_APPS

How to use the template

Using pip and virtualenv make it a lot easier to set up a new project using this boilerplate. A handy dandy requirements.txt file is included, so when you've downloaded a copy of this boilerplate, just run pip install -r requirements.txt from the project directory and away you go.

When you're finished installing requirements, you'll need to set up your file:

    # set path
    cd <path-to-project>/

    # Rename the project folder 
    mv projectname <project_name>

    # copy

    # Edit
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