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Aerodynamics Visualizations

This is a tutorial to help with some visualizations in Aerodynamics (especially with stream functions & potential functions).

To run this notebook, consider the following steps:

  1. Open the link below in a new tab,

    wait until it loads the necessary packages (might take up to few minutes). The jupyter notebook interface will load automatically once finished. In the meanwhile, you can view the build logs by clicking the "show" button in the "Build Logs" section to see futher status.

  2. Once, the jupyter envairement is loaded. Clickthe notebook file "AerodynamicsPlots.ipynb".

  3. Now, in the menu bar, find the tab "Cell".

  4. Click "Cell" and select "Run All"

  5. Great! You now have a working interactive notebook. Note that since the plots are drawn on this online server, the response time could be really slow for some interactive activities.

  6. Move the sliders to redraw plots. NOTE: If the figures are too small, double click on those figures to make them bigger.

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