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PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop

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Note: Be sure to perform a recursive clone of the repository to retrieve the witsml submodule.

The "PDS.WITSMLstudio.Desktop" solution builds PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop, a Windows desktop application written in C# and WPF using plug-in technology that can connect to any WITSML server via SOAP or ETP. It contains the following projects:


Provides the main application user interface for PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop.


A collection of reusable components and plug-in framework.


Contains integration tests for the WITSML Browser plug-in and core functionality.


Data Producer plug-in that simulates streaming data in and out of a WITSML server.


ETP Browser plug-in to communicate with a WITSML server via ETP protocol.


Object Inspector plug-in that displays WITSML data objects with corresponding Energistics schema information.


WITSML Browser plug-in to communicate with a WITSML server via SOAP.


Unit tests for the WITSML Browser and core functionality.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2018 PDS Americas LLC

Released under the PDS Open Source WITSML™ Product License Agreement http://www.pds.group/WITSMLstudio/OpenSource/ProductLicenseAgreement

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