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Interactive Mario Evolution


  • TODO: link paper and video
  • TODO: provide description of project

Installing in eclipse

you can install in any IDE you prefer, but we used good old Eclipse.

Setting up the Mario engine:

  1. Create an empty java project in eclipse and drag and drop all of the files from the source folder to to /src folder in your new Eclipse project
  2. add missing libraries by rightclicking on mario project -> go into properties -> java build path -> libraries and add all the libraries in the /libraries folder. Now you should be able to run the HumanMarioPlayer in the package own.util


  • Idsia packages contains experiments, mario engine components, and other tools specifically related to the Mario Engine written in Java.

  • Amico packages contains experiments, mario engine components and other tools specifically related to the Mario Engine written in Python.

  • anji packages contains experiments based on the ANJI framework. Some which might need to be run from the command line. For more info see (LINK)

  • Jgap contains genetic algorithms, for more info see

  • "iec" and "own" packages contains experiments, mario engine components, and other tools related to the Mario IEC experiment presented in this paper: (LINK)

Running a IEC experiement:

Setting up the folder structure for file streams:

  1. In your root folder of the Mario project (same place as src and bin is located) created a folder called db.
  2. in the db folder, create five folders called "best", "chromosome", "gifs", "images" and "run". Also, create a folder called "levelImages" in the "images" folder.

Tools and utility:

the evolutionary parameters is provided by a .properties file. Ours is called and Each field is described at: LINK

The original ui debugger has been commented out and replaced with a more ANN freindly ui debugger. To get the original one back, go into "idsia/benchmark/mario/engine/" and comment/uncomment the tick function, to get whatever UI you desire.

The MarioVisualComponent also contains code for saving images, creating gifs specifically related to the IEC experiment.


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